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Hiring a writer is easier than you think with Sugar Bee Copy!

"One day I woke up and realized people need writers" E.Grey

Do you need to hire a writer? Looking for a professional writer to take control over your marketing or social media? We've got answers that you can afford. Our vendor services and freelance writers work with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists around the globe. Speak to one of our professional writers today. First consultation is FREE!

Freelance Writing Services

Writers Who Respect Your Brand

Do you need to hire a writer for some type of task such as blogging, or social media management? If you need a writer or a freelance marketing professional, Sugar Bee Copy has solutions. 

Sugar Bee Copy allows you to hand select your dream team by hiring a collective of creatives. When you hire a writer from Sugar Bee Copy you pay for the services you need and not an entire staff who may not answer your calls or emails.

In addition, your marketing is an important investment for your business.  Therefore, it only makes sense to hire freelance artists who are professional marketers, writers or videographers.

If you need to hire an entire team, we've got that team. Our creative services start at script and content writing. One of the biggest reasons to hire our crew is you can pick and choose who and what you want to drive traffic to your website. You know your business better than we do. Keep in mind; you're hiring a team that listens and is also passionate about the results. 

Do You need to Hire a writer in Palm Beach County?

You can hire a professional writer who can also help your business look it's best.

Another aspect to consider is when hiring writers is the  overhead you'll be saving without paying all the expenses of a traditional employee. 

In addition, you have the freedom to spend your time doing other more important projects then worrying about posting on Facebook or Twitter. While we can appreciate the theory Facebook and Social Media is important it's also a tedious task many entrepreneurs aren't interested in taking on this full time position. 

We can appreciate that theory, hands down. But, marketing is an evolving business which becomes a full time position. Furthermore, hiring a full time employee will cost you double for the same work and results a freelance writer can provide. 

If you need to hire a writer, contact our offices today.

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