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 Freelance Writing Services & Social Media Management

Don't Waste Time On DIY Marketing, Hire a Professional to Write For You!

Writing is our core focus at Sugar Bee Copy. By the same token,  many people have skills for writing; they may not have the time. In fact, we handle writing services for entrepreneurs and business owners as a matter of convenience. By freeing up your time, you can focus on operating your business.  From Social Media Management to Blog Writing, our goal is to offer convenient services that get you noticed.

Hire a Freelance Writer and Save Money

Also, writing services include both freelance and independent contracting. By the same token, we  are capable of handling many marketing tasks that include writing. In other words, our focus is to give you the freedom, while we creatively manage the workload. Therefore, don't be dismantled by tedious work. Ultimately, everyone can write. But, who wants to take on this task?  Furthermore, you can delegate to a team of professionals who will handle the posting for you.

As a team of worker bees for over a decade, we’ve had plenty of time to practice and perfect our craft.

If You Succeed, We Succeed

On the other end of the spectrum, we’re looking for the same thing as you. We’re always seeking an opportunity to assist our markets. In particular, we meet the mutual goal of getting your message to the masses. As a matter of fact, we know if you succeed, we will too.  That's why understanding supersedes knowledge.  Henceforth, we tailor each client's marketing and writing packages to meet their needs.

Your marketing is as unique as you are.  We know this and design your plan with the information that we compile and discuss as a part of your team. Let us help publish your messages by online communications.

Freelance Writing Professional with Style

Queen Bee Writer, Eve Grzadzinski Writes with Style

Our Queen Bee:

"Queen Bee”, Eve Grzadzinski is both Copywriter and a Social Media Expert who’s worked in sales, advertising and marketing for close to 20 years. As an entrepreneur herself, Grey understands the goals of her clients. She's also a mastermind at ranking with SEO and through a multitude of marketing tools that include writing and video production.

“I’m always seeking an opportunity to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners. I  provide services that allow freedom to select products THEY want while giving them solutions to managing their marketing. I will start with an analysis of your current online status.  Once I've obtained the data, we will review together finding a clear path to meeting your communication goals.

We determine scope of work is based on the length of project, and process.  We sell both a-la-cart and custom requests as well as a monthly subscription.

Writing for Corporate or Business Busy Bees Abstract

Bees Graphic Design for Hiring a Writer or a Team of Writers

“Smart people delegate down.”

Taking to the sky last year I opened Sugar Bee Copy L.L.C. to provide services for busy individuals much like yourself. My services are intended for people operating their companies with very little time to commit to Online Marketing. Social Media, Writing items and Press Releases take time, effort and skill.  If writing is not your forte’, leave it to an expert. Writing is what we produce!

Great copy is like honey. Also, your marketing needs to stick for people to remember your brand.  We make every effort to provide you with a clean copy that not only sticks but are memorable ways of creating an online 'buzz.'

Who I help: I assist other marketing firms with content that’s relevant, smooth and drips like honey. Did I mention, I’m a liaison to many colleagues in the digital media vertical?

The Team:

Bees come with a wire for adventure.  My team consists of hard working expert writers and editors.  We welcome ALL writing tasks and have the capability to change brain capacity with every job. We work every minute to meet tight deadlines and offer quick turnaround times.

Our worker bee’s create quality content, copy writing, and press releases that get you noticed. Besides,  we can help you with your online reputation and build a buzz with your social media followers.

Writer's Seek Creative Ways to Send Out Your Message

Freelance Writing Services in Boca Raton

Writing as Smooth as Honey

Honey is also sticky, and that’s what most people want marketing that sticks!  In today’s footprint, you want to keep up with the trends. My experienced team is always learning new writing skills or topics that continue to drive your online presence, connecting you to your audience. With this in mind, we hope you are ready to get started.

Contact Eve Grey, to learn more about the many services Sugar Bee Copy and Red Sun Media offer. 619-288-9350


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