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Freelance Social Media Postings and Social Media Management

Social Media and Social Media Management are our hottest products! We not only manage you're all of your social media platforms, but our monthly managers also monitor what's happening with your followers and audience. Moreover, if you're out on the golf course, on vacation, conducting an important meeting,  you can rest assured we'll post on your company's behalf. We give you the freedom to do more important tasks rather than focusing on Facebook, Google +, YouTube, etc.

We ARE Experts in Social Media

We're also experts in the field of Social Media. Our experienced freelance writers and social media managers have over 7-years in the marketing and advertising fields. Also, social media is always evolving, not to mention these innovative companies introduce new and trending products almost daily. Do you have time to keep up with all the technology, innovation and challenges today's social platforms are changing? We do.

We Manage and Monitor Social Media

Not only will we monitor your online presence, but we'll also create content relevant to your industry to keep your clients informed. A word of wisdom from our Queen Bee, "Don't make your posts overly-salesy. A good marketing mix is 80/20 with the lower number highlighting your products and services." In addition to posting informational content, we watch who's posting and respond within hours to keep your audience engaged. Just imagine not having to address reviews, bogus comments and other timely issues. We have you covered. 

Our Staff Will Train You! 

Besides the wisdom coming from our leading marketers and writers, we also offer consultation as well as training. By the same token, our experienced staff will help train your employees, students or top executives on the many uses of one of the hottest marketing tools.

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