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Product Description is simple for most writers. However, when you want someone to buy your product or build loyalty to your brand, the information needs to be solution solving. Besides the robust dialogue, used to describe a product or service, you need to take the time to write these beautiful descriptions.

Get to Your Client's Inner Lizard

Whether you have one or one-hundred product descriptions, our precision freelance writers can help you sell more and increase your bottom line. The writers understand how to get inside the inner-lizard of your customers making their mouths water for your stock.

Start with our Test Panel

Product descriptions begin with our test panel who will discuss as a team the benefits of using the product. The designated writer will then create a story that will answer the problems of your market. If you have an e-Commerce store and have a full line of products, we can help with that too.

Pay as you introduce new products or refresh the descriptions you currently have.

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