Copywriting Versus Content Writing:


The difference between copy writing and content writing is copy makes people yearn for your product or service. It’s an emotional sales pitch that allows the readers to connect with what you’re selling.  This type of writing is most common in television commercial ads and advertising. Your products deserve to be represented with the right communication to your audience so they will BUY IT!  Sign up, subscribe, and never leave your side. Is our clients across the great divide!

“As a copywriter, I want to make you either hate something or love, there is no in between”.  As a salesperson, I want to give them just the right amount of information, for them to make a conscious decision, I want to lob their heads clear off with a powerful message, so they can’t think of anything else except what your company has to offer.”

Content writing is a blend between writing ads for blogging and social media posts.  There is a science of online marketing.  In order for the content to be effective, there has to be an understanding of the market and followers and no two pages are alike. Another aspect  is social media is constantly evolving. Writing and posting follow trends such as hashtags, so as a professional an understanding of how to use content  keeps the viewers wanting more. Research and reputable data are included in this type of writing because it’s not meant to be ‘salesy’.  It is informative and informational soft selling that positions the brand in a positive light.  Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + are only a tip of the iceberg.  The main social media sites are where your clients are conversing, and communicating.  It’s imperative that every business understands how to utilize this form of marketing.

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