The Press Release That Surprised Me After a Year

Google Search Your Company Name and See What You Find

Have you ever done a Google Search on your name or business name just to see what you could find? When it comes to SEO, I will do this type of a search at least once per year to monitor what’s happening with my status. Much to my surprise, I found this article written over a year ago had been published. In addition to being oblivious to what’s being posted, I felt a bit robbed not having the control to blast the news out to the masses.

Press Release Excitement

Stoked to Find Press Release After Google Search

Did You Know PRLog Doesn’t Notify You When They Publish?

As you can see the press release is coming from PRLog, While I don’t recall sending this off to the distribution channels, I’m stoked it is published. Why? Because it allows me to have something to write about with my OWN business.

Writing About Yourself is Complicated

On the contrary, writing for yourself is often very tricky. It’s common to have a mental block or brain freeze when you’re writing about your affairs. If you’re anything like me, you’re shaking your head right now and agreeing. Talking about someone else is easy. But, when it comes to writing about yourself there’s more challenge as it dips into your personal psyche. Also, self-esteem creeps into the right side of the brain causing you to go through that blockage.

Announce Your Milestones to the World!

What I find interesting about this article is if I wrote it, the person who is the author who published this press release must have edited before posting. I don’t remember writing the article, so I’m excited to have someone tweeting about it for me. Nonetheless, what matters most is there’s a published post about Sugar Bee Copy that marks the milestones to my writing career. What’s funny is we are now in our 2nd year of business and going strong. I think I’ll write another press release to let the world know, how much fun I’m having? What do you say?

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