Wait – I know what you are going to say.

You are a blogger, not a copywriter – why do you need to learn all this stuff?

Don’t go off protesting your little heart out just yet. I understand what you are saying.

And not too long ago, I felt exactly the same way.

Until I started to notice this really fascinating phenomenon: all the influencers and upcoming bloggers are not only really good at blog writing – don’t get me wrong, they are great.

But they have another magic bullet in their arsenal – they are experts at injecting copywriting secrets in their blogs.

They are using all tricks of the trade to persuade you to read, share, subscribe or buy – without you even noticing it.

Hence, this post.

1. Web is a Direct Response Medium

When you write a blog post, you want your readers to do something straightaway.

You want them to tweet, share or pin it. You want them to leave a comment or subscribe if they are paying you a visit for the first time.

If your reader scans your post and does nothing – then you have failed.

You have failed to influence them to take an action. Understanding this will actually help you create topnotch content.

Every content has some purpose, and you better be 100% clear about it before you write. Don’t let your readers do nothing.

2. Remember AIDA

Capture your readers Attention, no matter how annoyingly fleeting it is. Hook them by writing powerful headlines.

Ah – the headlines! A lot – and I do mean A LOT- has already been written about them. You can forget everything and just remember this.

  • Make them curious
  • Offer a clear benefit for reading further

Build Interest. Tell a compelling story, quote a startling statistic or make a shocking claim. Don’t let go of the momentum.

Creat Desire – for your future posts, for your products, for your services.

Call to Action. Now tell your reader what to do.

3. ‘You’ is Your Best Friend

The most important word in copywriting is YOU. As a blogger, you should be using it ALL THE TIME.

  • Get to know your reader well – what keeps them up at night?
  • Address them directly in your posts (Like I am doing here)
  • Be considerate – don’t try to impress them, and don’t try to dumb it down either.

Go over your last post again, do you see a lot of ‘yous’? Or is the content focused on you in the form of ‘Is’

4. Keep it Tight

Long vs short – the debate rages endlessly.

What people don’t seem to understand is this; copy can be both short and highly repetitious in content or long but really succinct.

It is not the length of the post that matters, if the subject matter demands it, write your heart out. But keep it to the point.

Conciseness means making sure every single word counts – but not at the expense of providing complete information.

5. Write for Humans and Search Engines Both

Nobody is insulting you by suggesting that you stuff your posts with key words. However, placing them strategically will surely help.

The best places for them are headlines, title tags and meta tags.

Write your headlines for the search engines, and content for your readers. This is what I go by.